01 January 2006


More on Robertson's excuses for bias

Continuing from the NZ Herald report of 10 September, 2001 (Refer last blog)

Robertson: He accepted there would be some men who were unfairly denied access to their children, but said the university's research showed there were also any number of women who unfairly lost custody of their children.

Robertson's idea of fairness seems to be that as long as some women are unfairly treated, then the system is ok.

It doesn't address the question of bias at all.

And, by the way, note that the "research" is not specified. What did the research consist of? Note that ALL of Robertson's work and concerns are about women as victims. These are legitimate concerns, but is no basis for comment on bias, which necessitates a far more scientific approach than listening to and reporting the narratives of women who say they are victims.

Robertson should know that there is more to supporting women than denigrating men.

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