01 January 2006


Neville Robertson - "But" Specialist

From the Timaru Herald
23 November 2005
"Studies show violence is mostly male"

Mr Robertson said many men in stopping violence programmes would often report being hit by their partners. "Mostly, they are probably telling the truth, at least part of it. But a useful question is -- are you afraid of her?

Mr Robertson said probably some women might be violent, but nearly all batterers were men.

The "but"s are clear: They negate lack of consideration for the preceding statement.

If some women are violent, that is an issue of concern in itself. Neville Robertson exposes his bias by negating the importance of that concern by telling us that "nearly all batterers are men"

Neville Robertson needs to start considering the problem of violence. The issue is not a competition between men and women to see who is the most or worst perpetrator.

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