01 January 2006


Neville Robertson on the Family Court

From the NZ Herald, 10 September 2001
"Family Court 'not anti-men,' says psychologist"

"The Union of Fathers is misrepresenting the role of the Family Court, says a University of Waikato psychologist who believes there is no systematic bias against men within the court.

"Neville Robertson, a community psychologist at the University of Waikato, said he did not think there were strong grounds for the Union of Fathers to believe there was a bias against men in the Family Court."


Has Neville Robertson ever talked to groups of fathers who have concerns about the Family Court? The answer is NO.

He makes ill-informed comments like he has above from a position of profound ignorance. If there is a grievance associated with gender, Robertson automatically argues against the male perspective.

Robertson uses his qualifications to present legitimacy. He has never carried out any form of objective study into bias in the Family Court.

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