01 January 2006


Neville Robertson's comments are "plainly ridiculous"

An open comment to Neville Robertson is also provided on the Menz site: http://tinyurl.com/d8g7h:

Stephen writes: " I guess I should have expected it from someone who’s made a living from infecting naive freshmen (or freshpersons as you’d probably say) with such ideas as 1 in 4 adult females have been abused. But your comments about the plain offensive nonsense Air NZ and Qantas have been up to still leaves me gasping in exasperation.

Quite why you have to obfuscate the issue as though it’s only about some kind of seating plan issue is anybody’s guess. Except I do know you and your DV/Refuge cronies can gnaw away on a juicy bone as long as you can keep hysteria about men rolling.

What appals me most though is the thought that someone with a PhD lecturing in Community Psychology can bring themselves to utter the plainly ridiculous by saying it’s not discrimination against men when airlines bluntly announce that their policy is MEN don’t sit next to unaccompanied children on their flights period.

It’s embarrassing for me to have to explain this to someone who’s supposedly very smart and community minded. But for the sake of a pretty large (and from all accounts I gather growing) community of people I belong to I have to state the obvious -

Discrimination means different treatment (Cambridge Dictionary 2005)
Now what part of discrimination don’t you understand?
The kind that’s levelled against men it seems.

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