01 January 2006


Robertson "studies": Are women as violent as men?

Neville Robertson claims to have "recently undertaken a study on whether women are as violent as men."

(refer Timaru Herald, 23 Nov 2005, "Studies show violence is mostly male")

After 15 years of talking about mens violence and denigrating the possibility that men too may be victims, one should be extremely skeptical of this "recent study".

What was Neville Robertson's methodology? Robertson has not made any approaches to active New Zealand men's groups where individuals have been vocal about being victims of violence. Such an approach would be expected of a Year 1 Undergraduate project.

But more to the point: What is the purpose of such a study? One should ask this intellectual limpet whether he sees many equivalent studies in medicine: "Is heart disease worse than liver disease?"

Based on Neville Robertson's sorry track record, one can only conclude that the purpose of his study is to belittle the importance of any concerns of males who are victims of abuse or violence.

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