01 January 2006


Time for Neville Robertson to face up to his problem

In the Waikato Times 31 October 2001, Robertson says that it's "time for men to face up to problem"

He makes assertions that
"Most men continue to collude with violence against women"

" Most men are accessories (to abuse and rape) - before or after the fact"

Robertson says that is not extreme.

Robertson says that "Most men don't beat their women partners but many of them fail to speak up when anti-women sentiments are being voiced. Or at best, they politely move away"

One hopes that Robertson considers this blog as a NON-failure to speak up when anti-MEN sentiments are being voiced.

Robertson seems to think himself almost smart for his willingness to say what "most men" are guilty of. One can almost see him adjusting his own self purchased halo as he makes such allegations.

It's NOT smart Neville. Abuse in any form is not smart. And unsubstantiated denigration of men is no less a form of abuse just because the targets are male.

And to repeat the slogan that Robertson used in the October 2001 news report: "If you are not part of the solution, then maybe you are part of the problem".

It's time for men and women to work together to find solutions, with mutual respect, and mutual condemnation of obnoxious behaviour, from wherever it occurs.

It's time that generalised anti male rhetoric - such as Robertson consistently employs - is seen for what it really is - abuse. It's time Robertson is called up on his own obnoxious behaviour.

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